Openheart Welcomes You Our Vision “To Reach the Unreached, To Care for the Uncared”. Reg No. 170 / 2010 Non Governmental & Non Profitable, NITI AAYOG UNIQUE ID AP/2017/0151521

Service to humanity is service to god

We intend to provide scholarships to meritorious orphan students out side this organization also. Saving the street children and protecting them from abuse, neglect, exploitation and violence in all regions of the society for their future and provide all the facilities needed to make them responsible loving children.

Feeding a poor child is not charity. It’s our obligation and duty to the society.

Poor children around the world often find themselves fighting to stay alive each day. Children living in poverty do not just lack finances – these children often go without food, water, health care and education. Many times, poor children face each day without hope.