Openheart Welcomes You Our Vision “To Reach the Unreached, To Care for the Uncared”. Reg No. 170 / 2010 Non Governmental & Non Profitable, NITI AAYOG UNIQUE ID AP/2017/0151521


  • To render services in the field of education, medical relief to the poor irrespective of caste, creed, race, religion or language.
  • To lift the public from the problems like poverty, hunger, illiteracy and disease by starting and carrying out concentrated and intensive programmes.
  • To take-up awareness camps on health & family welfare, Cancer, HIV & AIDS Control programmes and conduct several health camps.
  • To establish and run the institutions of vocational training courses of tailoring and embroidery, lace making units, apparel training courses, computer training, readymade Garment Training and other income Generating Training programmes with hostel facilities to the poor and destitute women.
  • To organize and run integrated rural development programmes for the welfare of the poor and for improving their socioeconomic status.
  • To establish and run the Educational institutions for imparting Pre-Primary, primary, secondary higher commercial industrial technical physical and all other types of education.
  • To establish and maintain, clinics, medical investigation in rural areas, affording facilities of medical relief to the poor.
  • To feed poor students and to start free student-homes and hostels.
  • To grant stipends, scholarships or any other assistance or otherwise to deserving students or scholars and to provide books, equipment to further the course of education in any field.
  • To help financially to the poor and needy who require such assistance for the purpose of medicines, medical treatment and operation or post operation treatments.
  • To take-up and implement the Nursery and Ayurvedic Medical plants, waste-land development and watershed programmes for the benefit of the small farmers of the Rural areas.
  • To create facilities of working in co-ordination, collaboration and co-operation with other institutions or colleges, finds, bodies or authorities constituted or founded for purposes similar to this Trust.
  • To take-up and implement the modern Rural technologies and Agricultural methods for Rural small farmers to produce and improve more food grains to solve the national food grains scarcity problem and to bring such kind of awareness in the farmer.
  • To receive grants, donations, corpus funds from the philanthropic public, governments or any other organizations in India or abroad.
  • To do all such things as the Trustees may decide from time to time for the welfare of the society and in pursuance of the objectives of the Charitable Trust.