Openheart Welcomes You Our Vision “To Reach the Unreached, To Care for the Uncared”. Reg No. 170 / 2010 Non Governmental & Non Profitable, NITI AAYOG UNIQUE ID AP/2017/0151521

Duties and Roles


Duties of Volunteers:

  1. Volunteers are dedicated service minded who could involve themselves in the day to day life of the needy and downtrodden in the society.
  2. Volunteers would give counseling to the poor and needy, teach them, train them, motivate them, help them and equip them to compete with the trends of the society.
  3. They will organize and conduct health camps, awareness programs and render voluntary service wherever necessary.

Duties of the Committees:


  1. The Trust Board has authority to open new Branches across the country as per requirement of the organization.
  2. There will be a governing body consisting of board members who will advise the organization in their day to day activities.
  3. All members of the committee shall hold the posts of office bearers for two years from the date of appointment and ends after 2 years automatically. The Trust Board has the right to extend the services of any office bearer without any restrictions.
  4. The Trust Board has the right to increase or decrease the number of office bearers in the trust or change entire structure. All the office bearers would be appointed by the Trust board.

Different Roles in the Trust


Role of President

President shall preside over all the meetings of the Organisation. He / She will coordinate with the office bearers for the development of the Organisation. All the meetings functions and celebrations of the Organisation arranged by the General Secretary / Secretary will be presided over by the president.

Role of Vice President

In the absence of the president one of the senior Vice Presidents shall preside over the meetings.

Role of General Secretary / Secretary

The meetings will be convened by the general secretary. The General Secretary will record all the proceedings in the minute book and it should be signed by the president and all members of the Trust Board. The General Secretary / secretary will maintain all the records and documents in his safe custody.

Role of Deputy General Secretary / Secretary / Joint Secretary

Dy. Gen. Secretary shall cooperate with the General Secretary and day to day activities of the Trust.

Role of Treasurer

The accounts of the Trust will be maintained by the Treasurer on a day to day basis. All payments and receipts will be recorded in the cash books by the Treasurer. The Treasurer will maintain all vouchers for the expenses after obtaining the signatures of President / General Secretary / secretary. All accounts will be sent to the Trust Board every month by Treasurer in respect of head office and designated person in case of Branches.

Role of Executive Committee Members

The Executive Committee Members expected to follow the directions / instructions given by trust board.