Openheart Welcomes You Our Vision “To Reach the Unreached, To Care for the Uncared”. Reg No. 170 / 2010 Non Governmental & Non Profitable, NITI AAYOG UNIQUE ID AP/2017/0151521

About Us :

Our Trust ( OSOCT ) was started in the year 2010, to help the poor and needy. The Trust was registered according to the norms of the Indian Government Trust Act and since then, it is actively involved in social work.

How is it maintained ?At present a part of my earning is spent on this project. Few friends, who have a concern about these charity activities are also participating in the work. At times we are conducting Health Camps at different places, where some experienced and qualified doctors partner our trust to advise the patients. Free Medicine is being supplied to the poor people. Awareness Camps on AIDS are being conducted. There is a lot more to do in this trust.

Concessions from the Government of India under section 12AA & 80G:

After careful observation of the social work turned out by the Trust, the Government of India has sanctioned Income Tax relief under 80g. A Certificate to this effect has been awarded to the Trust and it is useful to give a concession of Income Tax exemption 1961 rules to the Donors.

How does it work:

This concession inspired some of the employees to donate small amounts from their income to the trust.

Caste or creed no bar :

Help from the Trust shall be extended to the poor, the disabled, and the destitute without any discrimination of caste or creed.

What more we want to do with your support

We seek your noble support for extending our services to poor and ill-fated people. Sir / Madam, we put this request before you not with an intention of personal benefit but with a broad mind. Poor students, have to discontinue their studies in need of financial help. Many philanthropic people are doing a lot of service in this regard through various organizations at present. Is it not our minimum courtesy to think for a moment about these ill-fated children. AIDS, a horrifying disease. How satisfied they could be if their minimum needs are provided, before their end. What is our part in this? A small word of solace, a square meal a day for these unlucky people, and some help to the children of these patients becoming the victims of dangerous diseases shall be a praiseworthy gesture. Therefore in respect of the above aspects, we humbly request you to render your help and service to the poor & old needy people. If you are satisfied and impressed, please make it convenient to pass this message to your friends also and become a passionate partner in this worthy work. “I assure you that if you raise any funds, it would be completely spent through the Trust and purely justice will be done to it. I want to do selfless service and henceforth I open my heart before you without any inhibition.”

Service to humanity is service to God
So, Once again, I put my humble request before you to support my work and help the people left in pecuniary conditions. – Help the Helpless.
Yours Truly,
ounder / Managing Trustee